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3 Simple Steps to Lasso up More Lifers

What I'm about to tell you will explain why I'm the most requested cake decorator at my bakery.

It'll also help you understand why smart business owners are happy to pay me hundreds of dollars and hour to work with me.

This is my super-secret formula for creating loyal customers and clients. Are you ready?

So a lady walks into my bakery.

Her daughter’s wedding is in a few months, and she's shopping around for the best cake she can find. It's her daughter’s big day, and she'll settle for nothing but the best. She's already been to three other bakeries, and she's starting to worry that she'll have to go outside of town to find the cake she needs.

She explains to me that nobody seemed to want to work with her. She then pulls out a picture she printed off the internet and shows it to me. Wow! It's a doozie. But I tell her I've got her covered.

What she wants is a Western themed wedding cake. Lassos for borders, cactus's (cacti?), a mountain range silhouetted around the sides of the cake, capped with a beautiful sunset. I instantly see why others hesitated.

So, we start talking.

I tell her how I would do the lassos. I explain how I'll accomplish the sunset and mountain range. I even make some suggestions on how we could make the cake better than the one in the picture. I let her know that I got this, that she can rest at ease, and that the cake is gonna look as beautiful as her daughter will in her wedding dress.

Her transformation was visible. She came in stressed out, angry, and on the brink of tears. She left with a giant smile on her face, fighting back tears of joy.

When the special day arrived, her and the father showed up to get the cake. They were grateful, and she was blown away. Her husband was impressed, paid for the cake, and left me a big fat tip. All in a day’s work.

Ever since then, I'm the only decorator they'll trust with a cake. Birthdays, anniversaries, whatever the occasion, I'm guaranteed their business. They ask for me by name. And I have over a hundred loyal customers who do the same.

This is why it's been hard for me to take that final step and leave my cake decorating skills behind me.

But here's the point. This same method is how I land multi-thousand dollar marketing clients. The same approach I take with my bakery customers also works with skeptical business owners. And in case you didn't fully catch it, I'll lay it out for you.

Step 1.

Be helpful. Be happy to work with them and get to know their needs.

Step 2.

Be sincere. Let them know that you have their best interest at heart, and you will meet their needs.

Step 3.

Be confident. If you are confident you can help, they will be confident you can help.

That's it.

There's no manipulation techniques. There's no 17 ways to close the sale. There's no long, drawn out sales funnel process. There's just those three steps. When it comes to face-to-face selling, that's all I ever need.

At the end of Step 3, people are happy to hand over their money.

It's not sexy. It's not ninja. But it works.

It's honest and it's real. And that's what people want.

Give them that, and price no longer becomes an issue.

Nathan Fraser

Written by Nathan Fraser
Direct Response Copywriter
Marketing Consultant
High Priest of Propaganda

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How a Magnet Can Help Your Message

So, I always hear about the importance of attracting the right kind of clients and customers. Attraction marketing, I think they call it. Make sure your brand and message is attracting the right type of people.

All sound advice, I'm sure. But there is another side.

Something I have infrequently heard referred to as "Repulsion Marketing."

It's part of something called The Magnet Effect, and it works like this.

Every magnet has two sides. A positive force and a negative force. One side attracts. The other pushes away. But one can only exist with the other. It's inescapable.

So here's what that means to you. It means that if you're only focused on who you want to attract, you're not doing your job. A magnet that doesn't repulse, can't attract. It's a universal law, and it applies to everything you do.

Once you get this basic principle, everything gets a whole lot easier.

Look at the greatest pop stars. Their fan base is never lukewarm, and there detractors are never indifferent. For the most successful entertainers, you either love them or hate them. There's rarely an in-between.

Same thing with talk show pundits and politicians. The more radically they push away one demographic, the more feverish their own fan-base becomes. If you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. So don't try to please everyone.

Understand the Magnet Effect. Accept that there must be balance in the universe. And use it to your advantage.

You can't have success without also having haters. So take an active role in controlling who your haters are. That will give you more ability to attract the people you actually want to serve.

How School Almost Killed Your Chances at Success

When I was in 1st grade, I peed my pants at school.

I kept asking the teacher if I could go to the bathroom, and she kept saying "no." I begged, I pleaded, I even started crying. She just repeated "no," followed by "you can hold it."

I couldn't hold it.

Right there, in the middle of class, I peed my pants. The other kids were laughing. The teacher was yelling at me. It was one of the most embarrassing moments in my entire life.

I stood there, frozen, in a moment that seemed to last forever. Then I locked my eye's on the door, and I ran out of the room.

The teacher followed out into the hallway, and then escorted me down to the principal's office. They put me in a clean pair of pants from the lost-and-found, and called my mom to come pick me up. There was no way I was setting foot back into that classroom. Not that day, at least.

That moment stands out to me. It made me question what was really going on there. And it led to a long pattern of observation about the underlying lessons of the schooling system.

The lesson being taught there was "you must get permission from authority, even to use your own body." But the broader lesson was "you can't do anything in life without permission from authority."

And that's a lesson that follows most people throughout their entire lives.

Wanna add on to your own house? Better ask the authorities.

Wanna keep more of your own paycheck? Better clear that with the authorities.

Wanna start your own business? Better go get permission from the authorities.

12 years of obedience conditioning, training you to ask for permission. And that training permeates every aspect of our thinking. It stifles creativity and coats ingenuity with a layer of self-doubt. It kills the brightest ideas before they even get a chance to shine.

It even tells a person they can't achieve as much in life if they don't finish the training program. Didn't get your graduation papers? No one will hire you? Didn't get your permission slip? You couldn't possibly do this job. And it works so well, most people deny themselves permission to even try.


The world gave Henry Ford permission to bring them a faster horse. He built them a car. And that's how you have to be in the world. Permission-getters sit in cubicles and wear jeans on Casual Fridays.

Entrepreneurs don't ask for permission. We go out and change the world. We don't wait for people to tell us it's ok to do so. We get up, and we do it.

When I got home that evening, my dad sat me down. "Mijo," he said, "you don't need to get permission."

That one sentence changed my life.

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